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Dark Enigma

inside the dragon's lair

Draco Malfoy
28 December
Dragon Enterprises

The sins of the father,
Passed to sons and daughters.
Deep and undetected. Infected,
By the sins of the father.
Don't bother with forgiveness.
For God will be your witness
To the sins of the father.
And a star ward glance will tell you,
That your life is but a preview,
To the sins of sons and daughters
Passed on by sinful fathers.
For a child's mind can't reason,
But still knows full well of treason.
Don't dare to cause a bother
With the subtle sins of father.
Bravely bare them throughout life.
As a bride becomes a wife.
And soon to be a mother, to a daughter.
Baptized by blood and water.
And by the subtle sins of father.

-- Paul Bullock, The Subtle Sins of the Father

You wouldn't understand me so don't even begin to try. Walk on in your ever-so-lovely path, and leave me to slither in mine.

There is no need for you to know anymore about me than you have to.